There is something about Nevada's November air that makes people crave to hunt. Maybe it's the cinching of the bootlaces or the feel of flannel against their skin. Maybe it's the joy of spending time in the hills with a beloved bird dog or seeing which member of the family can get the most birds. Whatever the reason, Chukar hunting is a much enjoyed sport by all ages, and the annual Chukar Tournament & Feed has become a very popular event over the last fourteen years it has taken place. It attracts hunters from as far away as South Carolina, Alaska and Canada. The Lander County Convention & Tourism Authority (LCCTA) hosts this event on the first weekend every November.

The actual hunt takes place on Saturday and is followed by an evening of delicious food, fun games and great prizes - lots of prizes. The LCCTA is very generous when it comes to prizes which include name brand items from Cabela's, Sportsman's Warehouse, Scheels and Battle Mountain Auto Supply. There are prizes that range from hunting and camping gear to ATV/UTV and vehicle gear to guns and scopes. Auction items range from handmade furniture to a trained bird dogs. The games are a favorite of our hunters and their dinner guests. You can spin the wheel to win a prize that might be a free hunt or get skunked. Some of the other games include the Card Draw, 50 for $20 and Leg Keg.

Northern Nevada is one of the last true frontiers for upland bird hunters and this tournament is a great way to show case it. Ed Kilgore, an avid Chukar hunter, says, "Chukar hunting is a humbling experience and the Chukar will have bagged more hunters than hunters bagged Chukar." Kilgore goes on to say that, "This tournament is for real hunters, it doesn't involve game preserve or hunting on an uncle's ranch. It is about scouting in open country and hunting with all you've got."

The hunt starts at sunrise and ends at sunset and all rules and regulations of the Nevada Department of Wildlife must be followed. Only birds harvested on the day of the hunt are eligible so the Chukar preparation changes from year to year. The contest follows a random weight structure to make it more difficult to determine how many birds are necessary to achieve the top three prizes. There are also prizes for each category of 0-6 birds with 6 being the limit. Huns are counted as eligible birds toward the limit. There is an early registration period in which registrants receive $60 in free raffle tickets towards prizes. The registration is non-refundable and includes the hunt, dinner, a free hat & shirt and a chance to win a brand new Side X Side. The number of hunt tickets is limited so early registration is encouraged. There are also a limited number of dinner only tickets available.